Control Your Kingwood Homes Comfort with a Whole-Home Humidifier System

Your health can suffer when humidity levels are out of proportion in your Kingwood home.

Low humidity levels can make your house seem cooler than it really is. Dry air can also make your skin and lips feel itchy—and make you more likely to get sick. And excess humidity can lead to water damage and mold growth.

A whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier from Finch Air Conditioning & Heating is the most practical approach to restoring comfort and improving air quality in your living space.

Our Experts can help you locate the right energy-efficient unit for your home. And we’ll back it with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.*

12 Signs Your Home’s Humidity Level is Off

The ideal setting for indoor humidity is 40–60 percent. You can measure it with a smart thermostat or digital humidity monitor.

If you don’t possess these devices, there are a couple symptoms your home’s humidity level is imbalanced:

Humidity is Too Low

  1. Constant bloody noses
  2. Cracked lips
  3. Dry skin, eyes or throat
  4. Lingering cold or flu symptoms
  5. Damage to wood flooring or furniture
  6. Too much static electricity

Humidity is Too High

  1. Mold growth
  2. Windows with moisture
  3. Stuffy odors
  4. Water damage or stains
  5. Rotting wood
  6. Worsened allergy symptoms

How a Whole Home Humidifier or Dehumidifier Works

We install a whole-home dehumidifier or humidifier as part of your HVAC system and air ducting. It regulates humidity as your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner works.

The humidifier involves a pad and rotating drum or steaming system to raise moisture levels. The dehumidifier attracts moist air and cools it. Then it transfers additional moisture into a pan or drain.

Both systems are more useful than their movable equals, which can only handle one room at a time. A whole-home system also involves not as much maintenance than a lightweight dehumidifier or humidifier.

APRILAIRE Filters And Dehumidifiers

Aprilaire is the number one manufacturer of dehumidification equipment. An Aprilaire Central Dehumidifier provides continual humidity control throughout your entire home. A home with too much humidity can become a perfect environment for allergies and pathogens. By limiting the amount of humidity from 30 to 60%, the homeowner can discourage the growth of allergies and a variety of respiratory infections. Central air conditioning units have limitations. It only dehumidifies when it is running. The Aprilaire central dehumidifier controls humidity independent of your air conditioner. Call Finch Air Conditioning at 281-476-4777 to schedule an appointment.