Trust the Experts for Your Commercial HVAC Equipment Needs in Kingwood

Working with Finch Air Conditioning & Heating makes finding the right commercial heating and cooling system simple in Kingwood.

We’re a frontrunner in installing and fixing commercial HVAC systems from top manufacturers. You can rely on our HVAC professionals to have your commercial building comfortable again quickly, whether you need to repair or replace your equipment.

Having obtained ACE certification, our techs are Experts in their industry. They’ve finished in-depth training to earn HVAC’s gold standard. This training also allows them to serve you more efficiently.

Plus, all of our outstanding work is supported by a one-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Our Commercial HVAC Products

You’ll get knowledgeable installation and superior technology with Finch Air Conditioning & Heating. Our commercial systems are created to deliver remarkable comfort and indoor air quality for your business.

Commercial Rooftop Systems

Not only are our rooftop systems made to last and trustworthy, they’re efficient too.

Most of them are ENERGY STAR® approved, which could help lower your utility expenses. And some models can be used with solar products, which could help you save even more.

Our rooftop systems are also among the most advanced products you can buy. Plus, you can rely on them to provide reliable comfort for a long time.

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Commercial Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy is good for your business—and the environment. Utilizing sustainable energy can considerably reduce your energy bills. And possibly make you eligible for a federal tax credit.

Our rooftop solar HVAC systems can be adjusted to meet your needs. With dual electric or gas capacity, you’ll benefit from advanced performance and trustability. And you’ll lessen your reliance on the power grid during prime times.

When the setup isn’t heating or cooling, it can fuel lighting and electronic devices.

In some locations, extra power can be transferred to your utility for a credit.

Finch Air Conditioning & Heating can also assist you in achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) endorsement for your building. This ranking system honors the most efficient structures.

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Commercial Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are a good approach to heat and cool commercial spaces with no ductwork.

Also known as a mini-split heat pump, these systems use an outdoor unit to run several indoor wall- or ceiling-mounted units. These systems feature energy efficiency and the potential to change the temperature in a single room.

ENERGY STAR®-rated units can help you save even more—up to 50 percent on heating and up to 30 percent on air conditioning, when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

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