Maintenance Agreement: Take the Next Step to Keep Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Running Well

Fix problems before they happen with our Maintenance Agreement. Our technicians will schedule tune-ups before your greatest energy usage periods to keep your heater or AC working smoothly all season. Pre-scheduled maintenance saves you energy and money, so skip the “what-if’s” and stay relaxed all year round with a Finch Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Agreement.

You don’t want to sit and wait once something’s gone wrong with your furnace or AC, and you don’t want repairs to cost a fortune. With a maintenance plan, you don’t only get our expert AC and furnace maintenance – you’ll also receive service and member benefits.

Our service benefits were designed to get technicians to you fast: Maintenance Agreements offer priority booking. Our member benefits were designed to keep your wallet full. 

We can’t think of a finer deal for a more affordable price. You’ll get all the maintenance services and benefits for less than two individual tune-ups would cost. Call your Finch in Kingwood at 281-407-9478 to enroll today, or conveniently schedule an appointment now.