Thermostats, Programmable and Non-programmable

The Trane Company offers a variety of thermostats both programmable and non-programmable. You can save as much as 30% of your cooling cost by utilizing a programmable thermostat. Why cool your home when no one is there? Simply program your thermostat to let your house warm up when you are not there and cool down before you get home. Trane’s advance thermostats use “adaptive intelligent technology” which monitors how long the run time was between schedule changes and tries to minimize that run time. If you like to sleep cooler at night, just set the thermostat (in the sleep section) to lower 1 degree at bed time.

Trane has a comfort control system called the ComfortLink ll control system that utilizes the Internet to integrate home comfort into your personal lifestyle. You can receive live weather forecast, has wireless connectivity and remote operations.

All of Trane’s programmable thermostats are touch screen and very easy to program.  Simply touch the schedule button and then touch edit. You can program seven days at one time with four different time changes all on the same screen. The unit will automatically switch between regular and daylight savings time. The 800 and 802 series have a nice back-light for nighttime operations.

Choose the best Trane thermostat from the list of specifications and then call Finch A/C at 281-470-0773 for a home comfort consultant to visit your home and show you all the energy savings options from Trane.