Mold in your air conditioning system

Many people are concerned about mold in their air conditioning system. They notice little pieces of black specs coming out of their supply grills. This is especially true when changing over from heating season to cooling. The particles on the cooling coil dehydrate from the heat and re-hydrate when the air conditioner is turned on. All air conditioning system develop some amounts of mold. This is due to the ideal environment of the cooling coil to grow mold. It is dark, cool, wet and there is a food source. Leave one of the components out and you can minimize mold in your system. Removing condensate properly is one way to minimize the wet component. This means the drain pan empties quickly and water does not stand in the coil. Place chlorine pan tabs in the pan helps to remove the mold. Have your cooling coil cleaned by a professional a/c company annually. This will help eliminate

Mold growing on supply box.

Mold growing on supply box.

mold in your house.

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