Least expensive way to lower your energy bill.

When we think of paying our electric bill, we think of the cost to run our air conditioner.  Staying cool in your home is by far the major cost of your electric bill.  There are several aspects of staying cool besides running your air conditioner.  If you can keep your cool air in your house and keep the warm air outside, you can lower your electric cost.  There are many ways to accomplish this with one being blown insulation in the attic.  Many homes do not have the proper thickness of insulation for their area.  The thicker the insulation layer, the higher the resistence (R  value) to heat gain.   People living in the south should have an R-30 or the equivilent of 12.2″ of attic insulation.  Most companies charge $1.20 per square foot of attic space to blow a fiberglass insulation product to a R-30.  On a 1200 square foot home, this would be $1,440.00.  Yes, it will take several years to recover your cost but the benefits are worth it.  Your a/c will not have to work as hard, last longer and your energy bill will be lower.  Best of all, you will be more comfortable in your home.

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