Thorough Duct Cleaning

Have you noticed black spots or particles coming out of your supply grills? The particles can range from mold to household dust and dirt. When your unit comes on, these particles are distributed through out your house causing frequent dusting and in severe causes. respiratory problems.

We use the ROTOBRUSH duct cleaning system. This procedure uses a very soft rotating brush on the end of a powerful vacuum system. We remove the air vents and clean back through the duct system.  We then clean the evaporator coils, fan motor and blower wheel. The powerful vacuum is used to clean the return air chambers and the supply plenum. The last step is a duct sealer that is fogged through out the whole system. This sealer is anti-microbial and completely seals any left over particles onto the hard surfaces of the duct. When we get finished, your duct work will be nearly as clean as new.