Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer lint left in a dryer vent is in the top 10 causes of home fires. The lint material left in your dryer vent is a fine dust that is highly flammable. All you need  is a spark or excessive heat to start a fire. If your clothes dryer is fired by natural gas, it is even more dangerous.  Just think of all the years of clothes drying and all the lint left in your dryer vents. We use our “Rotobrush” with the revolving scrubber and vacuum to thoroughly clean the dangerous lint from your vent. We also can change the hose from your dryer to the wall inlet if necessary. This will provide added protection to prevent the buildup of lint. Call Finch A/C at 281-476-4777 today to schedule a FREE in home inspection of your dryer venting so you can sleep without fear tonight.